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This estimated value is based upon the latest sale price for the house of £25,533,000 on 26 Jun 2012. This value is then adjusted by the current Official House Price Index for GREATER LONDON1

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Transactions for this house
Price PaidDate
£25,533,00026 Jun 2012
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House Price Models

Land Registry House Price Index Model

This model uses changes in the Official Land Registry House Price Index for GREATER LONDON to estimate the market value.

When this house was purchased in June 2012 the House Price Index for GREATER LONDON was 76.8.

The House Price Index as of 1 Jun 2019 is 120.5 which is a change of 56.840%.

Applying this 56.840% change to the original purchase price of £25,533,000 gives us an estimated price now of around £40,046,003.

26 Jun 2012 1 Jun 2019 % change Purchase Price Gain / Loss Estimated Price
76.8 120.5 56.840 % £25,533,000 £14,513,003 £40,046,003

The Postcode Pricing Model uses changes in average sales price within the SW1X postcode to calculate an estimated price.
The average sales price when the house was purchased is compared with the current average sales price.
This change is then applied to the initial purchase price to derive the current estimated price.
Three different estimates are shown, with averages drawn from 1 month, 3 month and 6 month timeframes.
The longer timeframes give less volatile estimates, but are not so timely.
More information on this model and the calculations

Change % Change £ Estimated Price
1 Month Average -60.456 % £-15,436,190 £10,096,809
3 Month Average 20.167 % £5,149,144 £30,682,144
6 Month Average 12.705 % £3,244,083 £28,777,083

In this model we estimate the price by looking at how the average sale prices have changed since the house was purchased.

In June 2012 the average sale price for the 50 nearest sales within a mile of 5 GROSVENOR CRESCENT was £1,844,210.

In November 2019 the average sale price for the 50 nearest sales was £1,276,018. This is a change of -30.810%.

So taking the original purchase price of £25,533,000 and adjusting it by -30.810% gives an estimated price of £17,666,408.

View a detailed breakdown on the calculations used for this estimate and guidelines on its accuracy.

Average price on 26 Jun 2012 Average price on 28 Nov 2019 % change Purchase Price Gain / Loss Estimated Price
£1,844,210 £1,276,018 -30.810 % £25,533,000 £-7,866,591 £17,666,408
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1This estimate is algorithmically derived, and doesn't account for any specific improvements or changes made to this house. For an accurate valuation please consult a professional valuer, or estate agent.

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